Gives you a HUGE ADVANTAGE in passing your theory test on your first attempt

ALL the latest official Theory Test revision questions, answers and explanations from the DVSA.

Unlimited mock tests with interactive case study questions, structured just like the official test

When you are ready, you’ll know you are ready

Monitor your progress so you know which categories need a bit more revision

Congratulations for investing in yourself!

You are well on your way to theory test success.

The app is laid out so it's easy to use and easy to navigate.

The Main Screen
There are 4 main options on the main screen: practise, test, categories and progress

Select this option if you want to revise from a set amount of random questions. You can customise the number of questions in each practice session in 'Settings' which can be accessed from the main screen. The default number of questions is 10 but you can also set it to 20, 30, 40 or 50.
If you get a question wrong you will be given the option to try again. Or you can choose to reveal the correct answer and read the DVSA explanation. You can customise the Settings so that you will not get an alert if a question is wrong and you can move through the practice quickly, getting the results at the end.
There is no time limit when revising in practise mode.

This option lets you take a test under exam conditions just like the real test. You will have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions. You will need to score 43 or more correct answers out of 50 to pass.
There is no limit to the number of tests you can take.

This option allows you to revise questions from a specific category. Just like the Practise option there is no time limit and if you get a question wrong you will be given the option to try again or have the answer revealed to you along with the explanation. You can also customise this in 'Settings'.

This option gives you a graph of your progress in the tests and practices.

Taking a Test
While taking a test you will see questions and possible answers, some questions will have an image, you can also flag a question and at the end of the test you will see the results.

Each question will appear at the top of the screen and the four possible answers below. To select an answer, simply tap on the answer. Each question only requires one answer. Once you have selected an answer, tap 'Next' to continue to the next question. If you have 'Auto move to next question' set in Settings, you will move to the next question without having to tab 'Next'.

Some questions will have an image for you to view before answering. Occasionally you may find that you need to zoom into the picture. To do this tap on the image and it will enlarge. Tap it again to return to the question. There are also questions that have only images for answers, the image you select will be highlighted.

Flagging a Question
This option is only available in the 'Test' mode. If you are unsure about your answer in the actual test you can 'Flag' that question. To flag a question, tap 'Flag' and at the end of the test you can review any flagged questions. Once you have finished reviewing the flagged questions, tap 'Finish'.

When you have finished a test, practise or category, you will see with your score. You will also be shown your best and worst categories within that test. You can review your answers to see where you went wrong and how you can improve. You should make good use of the DVSA explanations that will help you to understand the question and the answer.

Here are 5 ways to make the best use of the app:

  • Make use of the settings. For example, you can customise the settings so that you can move quickly through the questions.
  • Use the Practise option whenever you don't have time to do a full Test.
  • Always review your answers after a test. In particular, make sure you read the DVSA explanation for any questions you got wrong.
  • Use the Categories option if you want a bit more revision on a specific category.
  • Try to do enough Tests so that you have seen every question at least once. You can keep track in the Practise and Categories screens.

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